Meet The Goldman Exec Who Got In A Bidding War With Alec Baldwin This Weekend

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A Goldman Sachs managing director named Donald Mullen lost a bidding war against Alec Baldwin at an art auction in East Hampton this weekend.

Bloomberg says the fight was over Ross’s 2008 “Hurricane LI,” a scene of crashing waves.

When it came up for auction, “Baldwin playfully glared and glowered at competing bidder Donald Mullen, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive,” according to Bloomberg.

Mullen, the head of leveraged finance at Goldman, eventually let Baldwin walk away with the Clifford Ross pigment print for $70,000.  According to Guild Hall, the estimated retail value is about $32,000.

It might have been painful for him. Apart from his career at Goldman, Mullen appears to be quite the art enthusiast.   

In 2010, he gave a $1 million gift for the High Line Art to produce a “new, ambitiously-scaled installation piece” each year for the elevated railway in New York city that’s been converted into an urban park. 

“In a city of parks this is the most beautiful park, and it deserves an art program,” Mullen is quoted as saying in Art Info.

Mullen is a board of trustees member for the Dia Art Foundation, a non-profit art organisation.  He is a supporter for the Lincoln centre for Performing Arts.

But Mullen — who was reportedly wearing his sunglasses for most of the night — didn’t go home empty handed. He took home a Barbara Kruger print of a man wearing a blindfold over which appears the sentence, in red lettering, “He entered shop after shop, priced nothing, spoke no word, and looked at all the objects with wild and vacant stare,” Bloomberg reported.

In 2001, Mullen joined Goldman Sachs as a managing director and head of leveraged finance. Prior to Goldman, he was with Bear Stearns where he was global head of the high yield, emerging markets and high grade corporate bond departments.  Before Bear Stearns, Mullen held senior positions at Salomon Brothers and Drexel Burnham Lambert.

Mullen graduated from Yale in 1981with a B.A. in economics. 

He could not be reached for comment.

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