Donald Glover explains his Donald Trump comment: ‘Thank God one day Trump is going to die’

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Creator and star of FX’s ‘Atlanta,’ left, with Donald Trump (inset). AP Photo, Getty Images

Actor and rapper Donald Glover isn’t surprised that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been so successful.

Glover made headlines on Tuesday when he used a joke about Trump’s death to illustrate his feelings about the end of his run on the NBC comedy “Community.”

“I just like endings,” he told reporters during the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. “I think everything should have death clauses in them. Like, humans have death clauses. Like, thank God, one day, Trump is going to die.”

When Business Insider sat down with Glover later on Tuesday, we asked about the Trump comment and Glover answered sarcastically, “Yeah, I’m a big Trump supporter. I was at the RNC waving my flag.”

Despite his opposition to the Republican presidential candidate, Glover said he never underestimated Trump’s run for political power. The creator and star of FX’s upcoming comedy “Atlanta” told us that Trump’s fame and his ability to understand how to use it in today’s media climate were big factors in his campaign’s success.

“The internet opened up the negative scale,” Glover explained. “[Donald Trump] didn’t have to be good or bad or have a philosophy. He just needed to be popular. But that’s happened on every other media platform as well. Like it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad — it’s do people know this person?”

He then added, “Trump was just smart enough to figure out that ‘I’ve been kind of campaigning for 30 years. People know my name better than anybody else out here and I have a philosophy.'”

“Atlanta,” which premieres on FX on September 6, partially portrays the path to fame. The show follows Earn (Glover) and his rapper cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry), who are trying to get the music business to pay attention to them.

From our conversation with him, it’s clear that Glover has put a lot of thought into what makes people famous.

“It used to be, is this thing good? And then people would come to it,” Glover said. “But now, people just need to be aware of it. And people are aware of [Trump]. It’s not surprising to me that he was able to get this far. Who doesn’t know Donald Trump? I didn’t know any of those other guys. The closest was Ben Carson… [Trump] had a head start for years.

“If he’s like, ‘We’re going to build a wall and Muslims this and that,’ it’s like that just made him more popular. Popular doesn’t mean ‘I like him.’ It just means people are more aware of him. And that’s all you need.”

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