One of Donald Trump's Supreme Court potentials is a social-media star who has mocked him extensively on Twitter

One of Donald Trump’s potential Supreme Court nominations has a history of antagonizing him on Twitter.

Don Willett, a justice on the Texas Supreme Court who was included in Trump’s Wednesday list of potential nominees, has mocked the Manhattan billionaire on Twitter for years.

The Texas justice repeatedly poked fun at the business mogul’s failed Trump University. He also wrote a tongue-in-cheek haiku about Trump’s potential Supreme Court nominations last year.

In total, Willett has fired off nearly 30 tweets about the presumptive Republican nominee since 2013 — and most of them are not exactly friendly to the presumptive GOP nominee.

Willett reportedly took the high road when asked about his inclusion on Trump’s list Wednesday. He told reporters he was “exercising judicial restraint,” according to The Associated Press.

Read some of Willett’s tweets below:

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