Don't Blow Off Lunch

Feeling like in this economy you should be working extra hard and blowing off a lunch break?

Here’s a good reason why you should be doing exactly the opposite.

FT: Yet there is much to be said for having a proper break in the middle of the day. According to research by Chiumento, the human resources consultancy, only 16 per cent of employees regularly eat lunch away from their desk, but those who do reap the benefits. Andrew Hill, Chiumento’s director of talent management says: “Employees are struggling to keep on top…and think the answer is to work harder – eating a sandwich at their desk as opposed to taking a full lunch break. But these breaks are essential for staff to perform at their best and cope with the daily pressures of work. Managers should be encouraging staff to take lunch breaks.”

Some companies are going a little crazy encouraging wacky lunchtime activities like shearing sheep and geese herding. (UK, but still.) Others encouraging volunteer activities such as reading to kids. Ok maybe none of those are ever going to happen for you. But get out of the office!

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