Don Mattrick Needs To Improve Zynga If He Wants To Get Paid – 95% Of His Compensation Will Be Stock

mark pincus and don mattrick new ceo of zyngaMark Pincus and Don Mattrick.

Yesterday Don Mattrick was named CEO of Zynga in place of its founder, Mark Pincus. If he wants to get paid, he’ll have to do a good job boosting the public’s opinion of the struggling gaming company.

Mattrick’s pay will be 95% based on stock, The Wall Street Journal’s Evelyn Rusli reports. Mark Pincus, who made hundreds of millions of dollars from his stake in Zynga, was only taking a $1 salary.

Zynga’s stock is down 70% from the IPO over one year ago. So far shareholders seem to like Mattrick. Zynga’s stock price surged 10% yesterday on news of the management shift.

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