A man on death row skipped his last meal and asked for the money to be donated to people experiencing homelessness

Don Johnson was convicted of murder. Tennsessee Department of Correction
  • Don Johnson, a man on death row in Nashville, is skipping his last meal, Fox News reported.
  • He wants the $US20 that would have been put toward his final meal to be donated to people living with homelessness.
  • According to WZTV, he got the idea from a friend who asked for his final meal, a pizza, to be given to people living with homelessness. That request was not honored, according to reports.
  • Johnson is set to be executed after being convicted of murdering his wife Connie in 1984.
  • He has reportedly experienced a religious awakening in prison.
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A man on death row has decided to skip his last meal, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction. Instead, Don Johnson, who is in prison in Nashville, Tennessee, would like the money that would have been put to that dinner to be donated to people living with homelessness, Fox News reported.

“Mr. Johnson realises that his $US20 allotment will not feed many homeless people,” Public Defender Kelley Henry told WZTV. “His request is that those who have supported him provide a meal to a homeless person.”

Speaking to WZTV, Henry said Johnson got the idea from Philip Workman, who also skipped his final meal. Workman asked that asked instead, a pizza be donated to a person living with homelessness. That request, according to WZTV, was not honored.

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Johnson is set to be executed on Thursday night. The 68-year-old man was convicted for the 1984 murder of his wife, Connie Johnson.

While in prison, Johnson experienced a religious awakening, according to Local Memphis. The outlet reported that he has become an ordained minister of the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee denied Johnson’s request for clemency, Fox 17 reported.

“After a prayerful and deliberate consideration of Don Johnson’s request for clemency, and after a thorough review of the case, I am upholding the sentence of the State of Tennessee and will not be intervening,” Lee said.

Officials said Johnson will be offered the same meal options that all inmates at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution are given, but didn’t specify what those were.