Domino's wants to start tracking you when you order pizza

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Pizza franchise Domino’s has turned the GPS tracking technology that allows you to find out where your delivery pizza is back on its customers, and from next week, plans to track people as they head to stores for pick-ups.

The tech-focussed fast food business, which is looking at rolling out 10-12 minute deliveries in the next 3-5 years, is now turning its attention to the other 60% of customers who make the trip to the store to pick-up.

They want to narrow the window between cooking and handing over pizza and will use the GPS tech inside their app to decide when a customer is heading into what they call the “cook zone” before sliding the pizza into the oven.

Concerned about being portrayed as Big Brother, Domino’s is keen to emphasise that it’s an opt-in system.

“Only when the customer shares their location and travel method with us, will Domino’s use geo-Location technology, alongside in store data, to commence making an order when a customer has entered the cook zone,” a company spokesperson said.

“On-time cooking means that regardless of being held up or stuck in traffic, pick up customers receive hotter, fresher pizza right out of the oven, every time.”

Customer tracking will only occur between the ordering and pick-up, Domino’s says.

CEO Don Meij told the company’s tech innovation presentation, Abacus, that “time is the enemy of food”.

He wants to harness the technology the company has developed to ensure the product is in peak condition when customers receive it.

“So hopefully you actually arrive just in time for the perfectly hot pizza,” he said.

Domino’s has around 1600 stores.

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