How Domino’s Used Social Media And A New Pizza Recipe To Completely Reinvent Itself

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Domino’s once experienced an epic social media disaster, but now those same networks are helping the pizza chain completely revamp its brand.A pair of employees filmed themselves doing a plethora of horribly disgusting things to Domino’s sandwiches before serving them and posted the video on YouTube 2009. It went viral in an instant, racking up more than a million views, blowing up on Twitter, rampaging around Facebook walls and firing up the blogosphere.

The incident nearly doomed Domino’s because of its bad initial crisis management, but now it’s reinvented itself as wholly transparent through those digital platforms, according to MarketingDaily.

Domino’s changed its ingredients for all its pizzas and worked hard to get the word out on social media that it was a whole new era. It put up, a social micro-site which documents the company’s efforts and uses third-party endorsements through Twitter to show that it’s the real deal. It embraced Twitter, staying consistent with it’s #newpizza hashtag and keeping a constant stream of commentary with consumers.

Domino’s digital campaign ignited its national one. It had national TV spots that featured CEO J. Patrick Doyle speaking directly to consumers. Now, every part of Domino’s national campaign has a significant digital component.

Has it worked? Social media is now a strength for Domino’s, and the brand seems stronger than ever. Stephen Colbert devoted an entire segment to the new pizza, and taste tests are being performed all over, from social commerce sites to news stations to “The Early Show.”

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