Domino's is pushing further into plant-based food – releases a meat-free Hawaiian, supreme and pepperoni pizza

Domino’s has rolled out plant-based pizza’s.
  • Domino’s has rolled out more plant-based pizzas at all its stores.
  • The range includes plant-based Hawaiian, ham and cheese, supreme and pepperoni pizza.
  • It comes after Domino’s rolled out plant-based beef pizzas earlier this year.

Anyone order a plant-based pizza?

You can now get plant-based Hawaiian, ham and cheese, supreme and pepperoni pizzas at Domino’s.

It comes after the pizza company had success with the launch of its plant-based beef range including beef and onion, beef loaded burger and beef taco fiesta. Domino’s said in a statement that 50% of stores sold out of its plant-based beef pizzas within the first two weeks of the launch.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said in a statement that bringing ham and pepperoni into its fold gives customers more choice.

“Now vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike can enjoy some of our most popular menu items,” he said.

“We’ve been delighted to hear that it’s not just customers who avoid animal-based products enjoying our plant-based range, but also those with specific health, religious, allergen and dietary requirements.”

Domino’s plant-based ham and cheese pizza.

Domino’s claims it is the first pizza chain in Australia to add plant-based pizzas to its menu.

“We are proud of our new plant-based toppings, which are made in Australia specially for Domino’s, and are just as tasty and affordable as the real deal,” Knight added.

Domino’s has made an impression with its vegan options. At its inaugural 2019 Australian Vegan Food Awards, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – otherwise known as PETA – awarded Domino’s Vegan Taco Fiesta the Best Vegan Pizza in Australia.

The plant-based meat market — food made from plants that is created to taste like meat — is tipped to keep growing. By 2030, Aussies are expected to spend between $1.4 billion and $4.6 billion a year on plant-based meat, according to modelling by Deloitte and commissioned by Australian and New Zealand think tank Food Frontier.

The plant-based meat industry is also set to create 6,000 new full-time jobs and inject nearly $3 billion to the Australian economy, according to Deloitte. Beyond Meat had a blockbuster IPO in the US, triggering think piece after think piece on the trend towards alternative meats.

Domino’s is one of several companies to tap into the the plant-based meat market including Nestle, MorningStar Farms – a brand owned by Kellogg and in Australia, Soulfresh, the Alternative Meat Co. and Beyond Burger.

Not to mention other fast food giants unveiling plant-based burgers such as Hungry Jack’s with its recently launched Rebel Whopper and McDonald’s trialling a plant based burger.

Domino’s extra plant-based range is available across all Domino’s stores from October 21 2019.

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