Domino's is bringing the Internet of Things to pizza delivery with GPS tracking

Domino’s Pizza will install GPS tracking in its delivery vehicles so customers can see exactly where their pizzas are.

The tech project comes after the company rolled out its Pizza Tracker in Australia which includes a feature where pizza eaters can Chromecast their pizza tracker to their TV.

Focusing on quick transactions Domino’s has got ordering a pizza down to five clicks and will reduce that to four once payment tokenisation (when sensitive data is replaced with unique symbols which remember information without compromising security) is implemented.

Streamlining transactions and payments is one of the ways companies like Uber and AirBNB have captured significant global market share in a short period of time.

With almost 60% of Domino’s transactions made online, the process of ordering pizza is important for its bottom line. The company is aiming to increase the portion of online orders to 80% over the next three years.

“We know a huge percentage of customers want to access our brand through technology so we need to make sure we fit into their lives – anywhere, anytime. Quick Ordering helps us make it easier for our customers to do this,” Domino’s chief digital officer Michael Gillespie said.

“By saving their preferred payment option [with tokenisation] customers reduce the number of clicks again to four.”

On the back of digital innovation and strong growth in the Japanese market Domino’s shares were on a tear today. The company posted a 44.2% rise in half year profit to $29.1 million. More on that here.

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