Domino’s 10,000 free pizzas deal just broke Facebook

The Domino’s Facebook page this afternoon.

Call it a denial of toppings attack.

Domino’s wanted to celebrate its new menu and premium pizza range by giving away 10,000 free pizzas, worth about $169,000. All you had to do was jump on Facebook, hand over your details and the company would send you a code to redeem the free pizza.

We already know the brand is popular, selling $500 million worth pizza in Australia in just six months, but it seems even Mark Zuckerberg’s empire is unable to cope with the current demand on Facebook, with the Domino’s page currently giving an error message (pictured above).

It looks like the tech gurus have pulled the plug on something on the page, because it’s now giving a 405 error, meaning they’ve disabled or switched off a function.


A spokesperson for Domino’s said you need to be at your desktop computer to make it work (we are, but it aint).

Here’s the company’s initial statement:

Domino’s 10,001 free pizza giveaway promotional tab can be viewed on a desktop and not on mobile.

As anticipated, there is incredibly large demand and we encourage pizza lovers to please be patient.

The spokesperson subsequently said that demand has been “unprecedented” and apologised but there were still “thousands” of free pizzas left to be redeemed.

Or if your time really is money, you could just go spend $16.90 on one of the new premium pizzas.