DSK's Lawyers Want His Books, Papers, Photos, Tapes, Blood Samples And Fingernail Scrapings Back

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Dominique Strauss Kahn’s lawyers asked “for any available dirt on the Guinean-born Sofitel Hotel maid” that’s accused the former IMF chief of sexual assault, through a discovery request.They’ve also asked for a laundry list of items belonging to their client, including: Books, papers, documents, photographs, tapes, electronic recordings, clothing, luggage, fingerprints, blood samples, fingernail scrapings, other tangible objects — all of which are now in the hands of the Manhattan D.A. — or “copies thereof.”

This is a normal part of the a defence’s request for “discovery” of evidence in the case.

(We’ve attached that part of the document below)

In addition to DSK’s gear, part of the discovery is aimed at securing toxicology reports, mental health reports, and any records of criminal activity by any witness in the case. Ie. The maid.

Specifically, the defence has asked prosecutors to:

  • “Please identify any criminal case that involves any person who is a potential prosecution witness at the trial in this action, whether as a witness, indicted co-conspirator, or defendant.”
  • “Please provide any and all statements… by the prosecution, its agents, and representatives to any person… whom the prosecution intends to call as a witness at trial pertaining in any way to the possibility, likelihood, course or outcome of any government action or immigration matter against such witness”
  • “Please provide… any and all evidence reflecting that any person who is a prosecution witness or prospective prosecution witness in this case is or was suffering from any physical or mental disability, emotional disturbance, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction at any time during the period of the indictment to the present, or at any other time relevant to the charged allegations.”

And as the Atlantic notes, though this process is just regular criminal trial procedure, the discovery actually reveals some interesting details by the nature of the profile of the case:

For instance, the lawyers requested any photo and video from the Sofitel, Air France, the hotel employees’ union, and McCormick and Schmick’s seafood restaurant, suggesting that Strauss-Kahn, who said he had dined with his daughter before heading to catch a plane to Paris, ate at the restaurant.

There’s also a call for the return of Strauss-Kahn’s iPad and cell phone, and a notice that voicemails received on the phone are not to be touched.

Other interesting requests:

  • “Please state whether evidence of uncharged criminal conduct is intended to be introduced against the defendant… and if so, the nature of said acts.”
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