Ex-CIA PR Firm Crafts Strauss-Kahn’s Comeback Strategy

William Green

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s defence strategy is being intensely speculated about now that he is out on bail.Of course through his lawyer, he is denying all charges of attempted rape, but now there are some more specifics detailing how he might back up those claims.

A Yahoo blog, the Envoy, heard from a source a French source involved in past French Socialist campaigns that DSK’s new PR strategy might include methods such as:

  • Attacking the credibility of the 32-year-old West African-born hotel maid
  • Contending that any sexual activity was consensual
  • Playing up Muslim and Jewish tensions (the maid is reportedly Muslim, and Strauss-Kahn is Jewish)

And the former IMF chief is now informally working with a Washington-based PR firm founded by former CIA officers, says Reuters.

The fact that he’s consulting with former CIA agents might ignite speculation that DSK believes there is a plot against him (like he suggested to the French magazine Liberation a month ago). However Reuters says that DSK’s dealings with the PR firm are informal.

The company, TD International, has done business with DSK in the past. It is the same PR company that DSK hired in 2007 when he made a push to become head of the IMF. It was founded by William Green, a former CIA agent. 

DSK’s representatives are said to have contacted the firm after his arrest last weekend, merely to ask for advice.