This Is The Woman Dominique Strauss-Kahn Allegedly Stole From A Former Argentine Central Bank President

Piroska Nagy, an economist and blogger for EDRB

Fueling reports that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, an IMF chief, allegedly forced a New York City hotel maid to give him oral sex is his reputation as a ladies man, and namely his affair with Piroska Nagy (pictured), an Hungarian.(Her bio is below.)

Of course, reports of the affair vary in their reports of what actually happened, but “DSK” is said to have begun a short-lived affair with Nagy, an IMF economist who was his subordinate, either at the IMF’s Washington headquarters in January 2008, or at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland “at a time of great anxiety in the world [and turmoil in the financial markets],” in January 2008.

(UPDATE: Nagy wrote a letter to the IMF warning them about his behaviour. She also says that the relationship was not entirely consensual.)

The affair became public months later when Nagy resigned from the IMF in August 2008. Strauss-Kahn was up front about the the affair with Nagy. He said, “It was an incident in my private life and at no time did I abuse my position as the fund’s managing director.”

Nagy had been married to former Argentine central bank President, Mario Blejer, who was said to be “furious” when he found “explicit emails” his wife had exchanged with Strauss. When he went on the radio in Argentina to comment, Blejer took the knife to DSK. He said, “the Fund Managing Director comes with a reputation on this highly charged issue of sexual harassment in France…”

Piroska Nagy

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However Blejer also said that media reports had been wrong. He said that Nagy and he were merely “formally” married; they had been “separated for over 4 years.” He also said, “One thing that appears in newspapers is that I somehow or another I discovered this issue, I took it to the [IMF], etc., are all fake.”(We didn’t see any reports that traced the incident to Blejer, however, the media had said that the affair began and ended in January 2008, the same month Blejer found the emails.)

The private issue became public August 2008, when Nagy resigned, accepted a buyout deal and left the IMF. She went to work for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London (she still works there – here’s a link to her blog). Because of the affair, in October 2008, there was an investigation


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into the circumstances of her departure, essentially, to discover whether or not Stauss-Kahn’s involvement in her departure was improper.A spokesman for the IMF told the Telegraph in 2008, “There was an allegation concerning improper behaviour of a personal nature on the part of the managing director. All allegations, particularly relating to senior management, need to be investigated.” 

Strauss’s wife, Anne Sinclair, 60, a French TV journalist, brushed off her husband’s affair with the pretty IMF economist.

Mario Blejer, former president of the central bank of Argentina

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‘There is an internal inquiry at the IMF,” she wrote on her blog (she hasn’t written on her blog about the current allegations of assault, however she says that she has no doubt that her husband’s innocence will be established, according to Reuters. For his part, regardless of his pleading not guilty to the allegations, Strauss will resign today, says one report) in 2008. “We are calmly waiting for its conclusion. This shouldn’t take too long. For my part, this one-night-stand is now behind us. We have turned the page. Can I add that we love each other as much now as when we first met.”Other women Strauss has been linked to:

— An unnamed actress who said Strauss acted ‘like a gorilla’ after inviting her back to a Paris flat.

DSK and Anne Sinclair, his wife

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Tristane Banon, a French journalist, who Strauss allegedly tried to rape, or at least sexually assault.Here’s a bio of Piroska Nagy, based in part off her profile on the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:

  • Piroska is Senior Adviser to the Chief Economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
  • In 2008, she was in her 40s
  • At EBRD, she’s responsible for financial sector stability and regulatory issues, including crisis response in the financial sector in the EBRD’s countries of operations in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.
  • At the International Monetary Fund, (1986 to mid-2008), she was responsible for surveillance and policy programs, mainly in Europe and Africa.
  • She took leave from the IMF and worked for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as lecturer in 1996/97
  • Worked at Fitch Ratings as Senior Adviser in 2003/4.
  • Published in the area of euro adoption in emerging Europe; financial stability issues; and fiscal policy reform
  • Wrote the book The Meltdown of the Russian State (Edgar Elgar, 2000).
  • Masters in Macroeconomics and Finance from the University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Completed post-graduate studies at George Washington University.