The Maid Allegedly Raped By Strauss-Kahn Lives In Housing For Adults With HIV


The accuser in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex case is a 32-year-old West African who lives with her daughter in a housing project run by Harlem Community AIDS United, New York Post has learned:

The Post has not been able to ascertain whether the maid, 32, has HIV/AIDS because of medical confidentiality laws.

But the agency rents apartments only for adults with the disease. A Harlem United worker said at least one adult in the household has to be HIV-positive or have AIDS to qualify for one of their units. A healthy adult with a child with HIV or AIDS is not eligible.

So it’s not clear whether she has the disease. It might, however, help to explain why DSK is on suicide watch.

UPDATE: Zerohedge noted yesterday that DSK has been housed in the contagious disease ward at Riker’s Island.

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