The Inventor Of The Cronut Created A New Hybrid Dessert, And It's Even Better Than The Original

frozen s'moreA Frozen S’more from Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel, creator of the now-infamous croissant-doughnut hybrid the Cronut, just released his latest creation: the Frozen S’more.

The new treat, a hybrid of vanilla custard ice cream and a s’more, sold out just after 2 p.m. last week and Business Insider was lucky enough to get the last one. 

Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan’s SoHo neighbourhood was busy between when we arrived, but the majority of patrons were not there for the Frozen S’more’s debut.

Most were still asking about the Cronut, which, without fail, sells out to the first 100 or so people waiting in line at the bakery when it opens each morning.

Ansel’s newest creation is nothing like a Cronut.

The Frozen S’more is better and more complicated. It’s not surprising that the dessert costs $7 a pop, compared to $5 for the Cronut.

Cronuts are boxed, stacked and ready for purchase at the registers each morning. But that isn’t possible given the nature of the Frozen S’more, a fist-sized confection made of vanilla custard ice cream covered in chocolate feuilletine wafers and encased in a rectangular marshmallow.

After you order the Frozen S’more, you wait in the rear of the bakery at a pick-up sign until Ansel himself can torch and caramelize the marshmallow’s exterior. 

The Frozen S’more is then handed to customers on a branch smoked over Apple Wood chips, to give it a campfire scent.

Ansel’s inspiration for the dessert came during a trip to Istanbul, where he tried dondurma, a traditional Turkish ice cream he described as “chewy.” In place of the traditional ingredients of dondurma, He combined the ice cream and marshmallow, using the wafers to give it a crunch.

One gentleman ordered three Frozen S’mores, and asked for two to be put in a box, which Ansel advised against.

Frozen S’mores have to be eaten almost immediately when they are handed to you. The torch accelerates the melting of the ice cream, and results in a soft and crunchy centre when you bite through the marshmallow.

Unlike the Cronut, which is intensely sweet and hard to stomach in its entirety, the Frozen S’more is very consumable. The portion is perfectly satisfying from a marketing perspective — it feels worth $7, and you want to buy another before you’ve swallowed the last bite.

dominque anselDominique Ansel torching a Frozen S’more

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