Domain's new app saves you from all the annoying paperwork at house inspections

Photo: Domain.

Domain has partnered with Homepass, an open for inspection app, to make house hunting easier.

The annoying registration forms you normally have to fill out at every inspection can now be done with just a few clicks on the Domain app.

For real estate agents, it means visitor data can be instantly sent their CRM platform.

Damon Pezaro, Domain’s chief product officer says it’s a win for both sides in the property market.

“By syncing their Domain listings and Homepass account, agents will automatically get details of buyers checking in via their Domain app at open for inspections. From there they’ll be able to send personalised messages and follow-ups. Agents will be able to view their buyer profile, allowing for stronger, more informed conversations between both parties,” Pezaro says.

It’s available now to both visitors and agents.

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