BUCHANAN: DOMA Decision Proof Obama Is A Weak Leader

Pat Buchanan

Yesterday, the Obama administration and the Department of Justice announced that it would no longer defend the defence of Marriage Act, which allows states to not recognise gay marriages from other states.

This is a bit of a reversal from Obama’s previous stance, though not a complete 180, since he has said he was conflicted about the issue.

Still, conservative pundit Pat Buchanan issued a strong rebuke of Obama on Chris Matthews yesterday, accusing him of caving in to his base.

“I think the president’s position has changed, as you pointed out, Chris, and we have to ask why he did. Has he been sitting down studying the constitution? Of course not. This is a political decision. There’s no doubt he’s under great pressure from his political base, part of which is the gay rights, and the more militant gay rights community, and I think he simply capitulated. Chris, we have a very weak president, quite frankly. You take a look. He did not face fiscal financial disaster. You saw his statement on Libya. The man is not a strong leader.”

“Moral truth doesn’t change because of polls, and the Constitution doesn’t change because of polls.”

Buchanan’s idea of a strong president: Truman, Nixon, Reagan and George W. Bush.

So what should Obama have done instead?

“Put something up to the Congress of the United States and change it. Don’t send the Department of Justice to say, ‘Let’s not defend it.'”

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