Dolphin Launches New Browser with Dual-Engine and Better Performance

Dolphin Browser, “one of the biggest successful stories on Android” according to TechCrunch is now narrating an even more brilliant story with the official launch of the first ever dual-engine smartphone browser for Android devices in the planet in Beijing yesterday.


Better Engine, Better Performance

Yang Yongzhi, former Microsoft-er who co-founded the browser vendor in 2010 debuted the latest version (8.0) of Dolphin Browser in its new office located in the 768 Innovation Campus of Beijing.

On top of its existing offerings such as multiple tabs, gesture browsing, Flipboard-esque webzine, handy sidebars, addons, voice control and so on, the new Dolphin integrated the Chrome-based Webkit rendering engine to complement the original webkit engine adopted by Android’s stock browser. Liu Tiefeng, CTO of the Beijing, Wuhan and San Francisco-based company explained that although both are originally built on Webkit the open source browser engine, the engine used by the stock browser isn’t on a par with the Chrome Webkit in terms of performance and HTML5 support, that’s why the new browser’s speed could be up to 30% faster.

Rendering engine and the browser itself are critical to the web surfing experience on smartphone. A lot of smartphone’s hardware specification is as strong as a three-year-old PC, how come the browsing experience isn’t as smooth as it should be? Liu raised the question. He went on and explained that one of the major reasons is that the hardware’s growth outpaced the progress of browser software.

Reflecting on the issue, the new Dolphin introduced the sharper rendering engine for a better user experience. The latest Android version of Dolphin is now compatible with both HTML5 and Flash. Also, the better HTML5 support coming with the new Chrome Webkit could help the browser deliver more smoothly web apps and web games experience.


Innovation and International

MoboTap, the company behind Dolphin Browser could be boiled down to several characteristics, like innovation and international, Yang said.

Innovation is one of the down-to-earth principles of Dolphin, the company creatively introduced the gesture browsing function, for instance, you can draw a pattern (like a letter G or Y) to jump to a certain site (Google or Yahoo).

As for international, the company is one of the few Chinese companies with a Valley-style. It’s San Francisco office gained attraction among top students from Stanford, UC Berkley and so on while a vast majority of its early-adopters are those outside of China.


A Browser that Understands You

Yu Zhou, the product head of the company said that the new Dolphin is evolving to a brilliant “housekeeper” that understands you. For example, under normal circumstances, some functions are in hiding until they are triggered to come to light by a user’s interactions with the browser.

The brilliant design echoes another one of the company’s principles: Browser should gain better understanding about human being.

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