Dollar Tree Salsa Recalled After Pieces Of Glass Found In Jars

Dollar Tree

Salsas sold at Dollar Tree and Deals, Dollar Express and Dollar Bills stores across the country are being recalled after large pieces of glass were found in some jars, the Associated Press reports.

The recall includes:¬†Mild Chunky Salsa with best-by dates of June 2015 and October 2015, and Medium Chunky Salsa with a best-by date of July 2015. There haven’t yet been any reports of injuries from the glass.

A company spokeswoman told the AP that the pieces of glass that got into the jars during the manufacturing process when some jars were damaged were too large to be detected by the plant’s X-rays.

Several other products have been recalled this year for glass shards found in food.

In February, Lean Cuisine recalled some of its¬†Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli after three consumers reported that they’d found glass fragments in the meal. That same month, Kellogg’s recalled some of its popular Special K cereal because of possible glass inside of the packaging.

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