Startup Dollar Shave Club Has Sold 20,000 Butt Wipes

dollar shave club michael dubinDollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin holding his latest product, One Wipe Charlies.

Dollar Shave club, an online subscription service that sends men shaving gear and other toiletries, told AllThingsD this week that it’s sold 20,000 of its latest product: One Wipe Charlies. 

One Wipe Charlies are butt wipes. They launched last month, and it looks like a few thousand people were intrigued enough to give them a go.

Business Insider’s Jay Yarow got to try Dollar Shave Club’s new butt wipes shortly after they debuted. Here’s what he had to say in his review:

The One Wipe Charlies are peppermint scented. The peppermint adds a slight tingle to the area you’re wiping, not that unlike what spicy food can do to that area. It’s not as strong as spicy food, but it’s enough to give you a bit of a tingle. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on your tolerance.

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