Go inside the bachelor pad of Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin, who sold his startup to Unilever for $1 billion last year

Michael dublin house tourDustin Walker for Laurel & WolfMichael Dubin in his new home.

Michael Dubin is the cofounder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, the razor subscription startup that sold to Unilever for a reported $US1 billion in July 2016.

He also recently redid the look of his home in Venice, California, enlisting the help of James Tabb, of interior design startup Laurel & Wolf, to do so.

Here’s what the bachelor pad looks like now.

Dubin's airy home is located in Venice, California, where Dollar Shave Club's headquarters are located. 'This is my first home. It has been a great blank canvas to reinvent,' he said to Laurel & Wolf.

He bought the home as a blank canvas and, with the help of Laurel & Wolf, infused it with his own aesthetic.

The biggest challenge in redesigning the home was working around the shapes of the rooms, which were designed to hold custom appliances that had been thrown out.

Dubin wanted his personality to shine through the house, but he was careful not to make any sort of joke. Dubin is known for his starring role in the startup's viral marketing campaigns.

'I have a true appreciation for art. Some may find humour in some of the pieces I own but I wouldn't say the tone of my design is 'funny.' I prefer to keep the humour within the company I keep,' Dubin said.

A floating shelf holds up some of Dubin's chosen artwork above a credenza.

Knick-knacks and personality-driven items are spread throughout the home.

'A home should feel lived in,' he said. 'My parents encouraged my sister and I to make our room our own. That influence is reflected in my current home through comfortable furniture for gathering moments and accent pieces that accentuate my personality and interests.'

The open feel of the space gives it that California vibe.

Some of the decor, however, is a reference to Dubin's East Coast roots.

The cowhide chairs were non-negotiable -- as soon as Dubin saw them, he knew there was no other option.

The open floor plan also makes entertaining simple.

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