Dole Receipients May Have To Pass A Drug Test To Receive Payments

Police test random subjects for Ecstasy i Melbourne. Photo: Mark Dadswell/ Getty

The Australian government could force people on the dole to pass drug tests if they want to receive welfare payments, a similar approach to one already used in New Zealand.

News Limited reports social services minister Kevin Andrews last night said: “We won’t rule this in or out.”

“While Australia’s welfare system is different from New Zealand, its reforms provide a guide as to the government’s thinking on simplifying our welfare system,” he said.

The model works by cutting half of the welfare recipient’s payments if they fail a drug test or refuse to submit to one, and then give them 30 days to get clean. If they fail they must pay back their welfare payments.​

A preliminary report into options for reforms to Australia’s welfare system has been issued by Patrick McClure for to the Coalition to take into consideration.

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