The 14 best pictures of dogs at polling stations as Britain votes in the EU referendum

Brits went to the polls to vote on what was one of the most debated issues in British political history, whether or not to leave the European Union. But one group is not getting the chance to exercise their democratic right.

Dogs have been forced to wait outside, and in what has become a British election day tradition, people are taking to Twitter to post photos of their pooches waiting at polling stations.

We rounded up some of the most prime ministerial hounds waiting for their masters at today’s referendum.

You can see more of them by searching for #dogsatpollingstations on Twitter.

This fellow isn’t at all bothered about the vote. He just wants to play.

This dog is really concerned that the referendum goes his way.

Tommy wasn’t sure if he is allowed to vote.

This Golden Retriever laughed at his own polling joke.

Heisy the Pug is very clear about the importance of democracy.

Some dogs didn’t really get democracy.

Tilly went to vote and got herself a treat.

Orinoco loves democracy.

Four dogs, one tweet.

This dog chilled in the shade while their owner voted.

While this Golden Retriever had to wait in the rain.

This sheepdog looks a little confused by the whole thing.

One beagle got involved in the action.

Two for the price of one at this polling station.

It isn’t just dogs doing their bit for democracy either.

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