Dogs in London have become experts at using the Tube

Dog tubeJim EdwardsDogs on the Tube must be on a leash at all times!

The London Underground is a dangerous place for dogs — it’s dark, crowded, and they are at constant risk of being trodden on, or catching their hair and claws in the escalators.

But London is so massive, and its traffic is so bad, that the Tube is the only way to get around quickly for dogs and their humans.

So London dogs have become experts at riding the Tube, and there is an Instagram hashtag devoted to documenting the canines who make commuting look good: #dogsonthetube.

Here’s a selection of the best new ones.

All dogs must be carried on the escalator, even if they are massive.

Transport for London prefers it if you carry your dog.

They seem to really love the journey.

Always hold onto the handrail when using the escalator, like this miniature greyhound named Daisy Duke.

Carrying your dog is sometimes easier said than done.

It is against the rules to let your dog sit on the seat.

But few people complain.

So well-behaved!

Dogs ride free on the Tube.

So let's go!

We've all felt this way on Mondays ...

And we've all read the paper of the person sitting next to us ...

Do dogs prefer Metro or City AM?

Really small dogs can fit on the windowsill behind the seats!

We've all fallen asleep and missed a stop, too.

This guy.

That feeling when you've got the whole carriage to yourself.

Not your stop, mate!

Remember ...

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