16 before and after photos of adopted dogs that will make you melt

Just in case you were feeling down, remember that there is good in this world – good dogs, that is.

There will never be a shortage of pups in need of a good home, and one of the best ways to show compassion to a doggo in need (and to gain a new best friend) is to adopt.

Prepare to get misty-eyed by the heartwarming transformations these 16 rescue dogs underwent after being rescued by loving owners.

After getting rescued in early November, Dice is “One happy, healthy, thick boy these days.”

Dice was found locked inside a cage in Florida, abandoned, in early November. He was immediately brought to Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue. He weighed 30 pounds at the time, and should have weighed at least twice that.

But now, he’s thriving. “Dice is amazing. When he first came to our rescue he was weak and could hardly stand. After weeks of rehabilitation care and love, he absolutely blossomed and doesn’t stop smiling,” Feeling Fine told INSIDER.

Look at the bright and happy puppy-smile that Jax, a doodle mix, is serving now that he lives in a healthy home.

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Rosie is a sweet and happy rescue pup from Texas.

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Millie was underweight and terrified when her owners first brought her home. Now, after weeks of dedicated love, she’s gained both 30 pounds and the ability to smize.

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Baker, a happy black terrier mix, has gained fifteen pounds and a gigantic smile since getting adopted.

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Penny went from being a seven pound baby who was afraid to go outside to a loving, healthy dog.

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Yoshi went from being a fearful 43-pound pup to an energetic, 57-pound good boy.

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Harper used to be a scared and scruffy little dog; post-adoption, however, Harper transformed into a happy and trusting pup.

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Hank, a schnauzer and shih tzu mix, is described by his owner as being “the happiest baby.”

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Pippin’s owners describe him as “50% Australian Shepherd, 50% St. Bernard, and 100% cute.”

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One thing is for sure: pink and green are Mimi’s colours.

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Bodie, a rescue dog from Chicago, is all smiles after getting adopted by his owner, Julie.

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Mary Jane, an American pit bull terrier, was in the pound for two months before she was adopted.

Virginia the pitbull was tired and scared, but after getting adopted, her owners describe her as “glowing, hydrated, and thriving.”

Chuck was adopted from the Apple Valley Municipal Animal Shelter in March 2018; he’s six months old and very cuddly.

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After surviving neglect, mange (a skin disease caused by parasitic mites), and heartworm, Waffle is now happy and healthy.

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