Dog Lovers Protest Mitt Romney Outside The Westminster Dog Show

dogs against romney protest mitt is mean

Photo: Grace Wyler/Business Insider

Dogs and dog-lovers congregated in front of the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden today to protest Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate who infamously strapped his family dog to the roof of a car during a 1983 family road trip. The 30-minute rally was organised by Dogs Against Romney, a Facebook group formed in 2007 to draw attention to the sad story of Seamus, Romney’s Irish setter. The group now has more than 25,000 members, and about a dozen of them turned out for today’s impromptu protest. 

Romney’s Seamus problem is quickly turning into one of the most bizarre leitmotifs of the 2012 presidential campaign. Romney’s political opponents have gleefully seized on the story, and spare no opportunity to tout their own affinity for animals — Newt Gingrich has even launched a Pets With Newt coalition.

But protesters for Dogs Against Romney — most of whom have liberal leanings — think the issue should be taken more seriously. 

“It’s important for people to understand the kind of character of this man who is running for president,” the group’s spokeswoman, Kitty Hendrix, told Business Insider. “It indicates the sense of entitlement that this man has — that he would impose his will like that on the family pet.” 

Dogs Against Romney protesters drew a lot of attention outside of Madison Square Garden this afternoon. Some onlookers even joined in the protest after they heard Seamus's story.

Veronica Cedeno, a 23-year-old from Weehawken, N.J., told Business Insider that her decision to come to the rally was about dogs, not politics. She said she is still deciding between President Obama and Ron Paul.

The media went into action when Tate Housman arrived, with his pug in his backpack.

Petey, an English bull terrier who 'rides inside,' does an interview with CNN.

Max and her husband Steve are also active Democrats (and cat owners.)

'But even if I was a Republican -- which I would never be -- I would be opposed to that kind of treatment,' she said.

Democrats aren't the only ones doing the mocking today.

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