Dogecoin Is On A Massive Tear

Dogecoin priced in dollars is up 10% in the past 24 hours, and 911% over the past 30 days, as the popularity of alternative digital currency continues to grow.

One Dogecoin is now worth about $US0.0019.

The immediate cause may be because the largest Dogecoin exchange, Bter, appears to have been unaffected by recent attacks on the digital currency ecosystem.

That’s in contrast to nearly every other major cryptocurrency on the market, which have seen major price declines as the Bitcoin ecosystem underwent an assault from an unknown source, causing major Bitcoin exchanges to suspend withdrawals.

Dogecoin has also garnered headlines for helping send Indian and Jamaican athletes to the Olympics.

Here’s a price chart in Bitcoin, showing volume levels increasing. Dogecoin has also climbed 69% against Bitcoin over the past five days:

Here’s the Dogecoin price chart, in thousandths of a dollar:

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