A dog owner dressed up his 17 dachshunds in matching outfits for a perfectly posed holiday photo

A dog owner’s 17 dachshunds (not pictured here) went viral when they were photographed in Christmas costumes on a staircase. Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Most dog owners are well-aware of how hard it can be to get their pet to sit still for a quick photo, let alone to look directly at the camera for more than a split second.

One dog owner, Liam Beach, has apparently taught his 17 dachshunds those very skills.

On Tuesday, Beach, from South Wales, shared a now-viral photo on Facebook(pictured above in a tweet) showing all 17 of his dogs lined up perfectly on a staircase. Each dachshund is dressed in a festive Christmas-themed costume, and all the dogs appear to be looking right at the camera – making a picture-perfect holiday moment.

“Merry Christmas to all my FB friends from me and the gang,” Beach wrote in his Facebook post.

Beach told the Daily Mail’s Bridie Pearson-Jones that it took about 45 minutes to capture the photo.

“When the dogs were dressed in their outfits they thought it was time to go walking and all went crazy running around the house,” Beach told the Daily Mail. “So, I had to calm them down before putting them on the stairs.”

Beach added that after the dogs were in their proper places for the photo, they started to fall asleep.

“After a while on the stairs with their jumpers on, they began to fall asleep, so I had to work hard at keeping them awake and looking at the camera,” Beach told the Daily Mail.

Beach’s 17 dogs are named Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Wallie, Zac, Bonnie, Saffie, Duke, Diamond, Ruby, Kizzy, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji and Dudley, according to the Daily Mail.

In July, the dog owner shared a similar staircase picture of the same crew of dachshunds – minus one, which he didn’t own at the time – which captured the attention of dog-lovers around the world, as reported by The Mirror.

Liam Beach did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.