25 Dogs Whose Halloween Costume Is Better Than Yours

Sam RegaThis little guy came as a Chia Pet.

This past Saturday, New York City celebrated the 24th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, and the cuteness was in full effect.

Ewoks, butter sticks, and Beanie Babies roamed the park, striking poses for onlookers incessantly snapping photos with their phones. Owners showed off their pets like proud parents and everyone had a great time.

Business Insider was on the scene to cover the glamour and the madness. We found some time to photograph our favourites, in between constant petting, and we present them to you now.

First, we met the little mariachi singer who serenaded all his guests. No, he did not audition for the Taco Bell commercial many years ago.

'Why so serious?' The joker asked the mariachi singer.

After a long trip at sea, this sailor took time on land to pose for fans.

This pup posed too. It didn't matter what his costume was (we think he's a bumblebee), the little guy would still get all the attention.

Some dogs took time to get to know each other. (All sniffing was consensual.)

While other dogs just wanted to go home.

Some dogs were locked up in jail for failure to do business outside.

'Yeah, I hid my bone. And I'd do it again if I had the chance.' This is the look of guilt.

Even with the success of his movie, the 'Woof of Wall Street' still had time to greet fans.

'The costume itches a little but blends so well with my natural hair,' he told us. Some dogs loved their costumes, like this lion.

While other dogs weren't quite sure what they were dressed as.

Rumour has it that George Lucas based the ewok on a Brussels Griffon, the same breed as this pup.

Star Wars was a big theme this year. Even Yoda made an appearance.

Even the adults got into the Halloween spirit.

One cat managed to slip through!

These two came as a pair and threatened to cast a spell on the cat for intruding.

The baddest witch watched over the whole park.

Cows were a popular costume.

This giraffe was tired of the concrete jungle and dreamed of the savannas of his home.

Unlike the cows and giraffes, some dogs were all skin and bones.

Romance was in the air. This king was looking for his queen.

Look at this beauty!

Instagram celebs came out. Hudson The Golden Doodle boasts more than 4,000 followers. He made for one great Beanie Baby.

Follow Hudson on Instagram at @Hudsonthegoldendoodle.

It was brunch time, and this stick of butter was perfect for pancakes or waffles or...


It was a long day and as the party came to an end, even the strongest pups needed a nap.

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