Doesn’t Anyone Want To Be In The New York Times?

Alley startups, we are worried about you. Last week we told you that NY Times columnist Jason Pontin was casting about for startups to profile. Free press! In the paper of record! But apparently none of you reached out to him, because he’s still on the hunt, via his Facebook page. His new caveat: “The idea behind the venture has to be genuinely innovative and the market’s demand real and urgent.” Surely one of you fits that bill!


We’ll make it easy for you: You don’t even have to know Jason or one of his Facebook pals. Send us your pitch and we’ll pass it along to Jason. That’s what we did for Pseudo founder Josh Harris, who now lives in LA but gets honorary Alley status based on his work during the first boom, we figure. What are you waiting for?

Please — pitch me.