Does Yahoo Have A Social Strategy?

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Does Yahoo Have a Strategy Behind Its Spending? (GigaOm) 
During her tenure as CEO, Marissa Mayer has spent well over $1 billion in acquisitions for Yahoo. A majority of these purchases have been popular or growing social Web properties, headlined by the $1.1 billion Tumblr deal. This article attempts to answer how beneficial these acquisitions might be for Yahoo, and whether or not there is a legitimate strategy in place as to how to absorb these newly acquired divisions. Read> 

Facebook’s Graph Search To Roll Out To Wider Public This Week (TechCrunch)
Graph Search, which will allow Facebook users to conduct social, natural-language searches on the site, will roll out to hundreds of millions of people this week, the company told ABC News. Graph Search is not yet available on Facebook’s mobile version. Read > 

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10 Tips For Added Social Media Security (Mashable) 
These settings may be overlooked by social media users, and this article illustrates how to turn them on for added profile privacy and security. Read > 

How To Find Customers Through Hootsuite (Social Media Today)
A few simple steps to help optimise social media management dashboard HootSuite. The post points to specific tactics that brands and business owners can use to draw in more followers and boost sales. Read >

The Science Of Why People Share (Social Media Examiner) 
Why are social networkers are inclined to share content across their various social networks? What lies behind the impulse?  Read >

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Six per cent Of Online Adults Are Reddit Users (Pew Research centre) 
Pew recently conducted a study of Reddit, the popular Internet forum. The study found that about 6% of U.S. adults that use the Internet are active on Reddit. This proportion skews as it gets broken down by age demographics, with males age 18-29 having the highest concentration of Reddit users at 15%.  Read >

Facebook’s Advertising Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control (Forbes)
Facebook recently hit 1 million advertisers on its website. This growth is typically good for a company. However, Forbes examines the current state of advertisements on Facebook’s various user interfaces, and comments on the dramatic increase in the volume of ads. It also compares Facebook’s ad clutter to the cleaner environment in other, ad-free networks like Pinterest and Google Plus. Read >

Facebook Is Testing The Ability To Sort Comments (Mashable)
This means that comments can be sorted chronologically, instead of having top comments automatically float to the top. Select users and page managers have had access to this feature, and it is unclear whether it will roll out to the general public. Read >  

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