Does This Video Prove That A College Basketball Coach Assaulted His Own Player?

When a routine basketball practice got a little too rough, one Holy Family University player found himself on the floor, bleeding from his mouth.  But the incident wasn’t the result of tough defence or aggressive rebounding.

Holy Family University player Matthew Kravchuk has filed a criminal complaint against his coach, John O’Connor, for hitting and kicking him as his teammates watched.

According to Philadelphia’s local Fox affiliate, the city’s district attorney’s office is investigating Kravchuk’s criminal complaint and reviewing a video which purportedly captured the whole incident on tape.

During the Jan. 25 practice session, Coach O’Conner pushed Kravchuk to the ground and kicked him.  When the bleeding player regained his footing, the coach yelled at him and ordered him to leave.


video.foxnews.comNow, the DA’s private criminal complaint unit is weighing whether or not to file charges in the case.

The Kravchuk family claims school administrators promised to discipline the coach, but refused to offer specific details how he would be reprimanded.  Unsatisfied by the school’s response, the Kravchuks filed a police report.

According to Fox 29, other members of the Holy Family basketball team are standing behind their coach.  While Coach O’Connor awaits word on whether criminal charges will be filed against him, Holy Family has suspended him, pending an internal investigation.

In the meantime, O’Connor responded to the potential charges to Fox29 Wednesday morning:

What do you think: was the coach just trying to “toughen up” his players or were his actions out of line?

This post originally appeared at The Blaze.