Does This Italian Ad Make You Want To Buy Men's Underwear?

I’ve really no idea who came up with the idea of using a sexy young lady to advertise men’s underwear, but the result certainly catches one’s eye. 

It caught mine.

I have not, however, rushed out to buy a new pair of boxers simply because at first, I did not realise it was aimed at men!  Perhaps the girl distracted my attention from the ads’ main message.

It was Italian company Intimissimi which ran the campaign using a girl to attract attention to men’s undies.  I’ve no idea whether this is an original idea, but it seems quite novel.

For those not in the know, Intimissimi’s stores, which can be found all over Italy, are well known for their range of undergarments. 

Generally, the lingerie on offer is for the ladies, although I have noticed under gear for the less fairer sex too.  Italians appear to be quite into sexy lingerie from what I’ve seen.

I’m not sure how the feminists the world would have taken to this ad.  Actually, it’s nowhere near as racy as some others I’ve seen adorning Italy’s streets.  The girl is nice, I have to say.

Here you are, one attractive young lady drawing attention by wearing men’s draws:


Photo: Alex Roe / Italy Chronicles

Gentlemen, do you feel the temptation to rush out and update your underwear collection?

This post originally appeared at The Italy Chronicles.

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