YOU TELL US: Does The PR Business Discriminate Against Women?

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If you work in PR, we want to hear your views on sexism and discrimination in the workplace.Here’s why:

The proposed class action sex discrimination lawsuit against Publicis Groupe’s MSLGroup agency could be huge, if it gets the ultimate go-ahead from a federal judge: It could have ripple effects on the pay of 45,000 of Publicis’ PR professionals worldwide, 70 per cent of whom are women.

The suit alleges MSLGroup president Jim Tsokanos judged female employees on their looks, took the younger ones out for drinks a bit too often but fired them if they got pregnant. More widely, it claims that 70 per cent of Publicis’ international army of PR executives are women, but female managers only make up 15 per cent of the holding company’s upper echelons of management. Tsokanos allegedly preferred to hire management candidates who possessed a “big swinging dick,” the suit alleges.

MSLGroup denies the claims and is fighting the suit vigorously in a New York court.

Everyone knows that PR agencies are often overwhelmingly staffed by women. But sometimes it looks as if men are more commonly found in the corner offices at agencies and on the client side, where all the power is.

And, of course, PR is one of those industries like entertainment, broadcasting and food service where people are often hired based on their appearance.

We want to hear your stories:

  • Have you seen sexism in the PR workplace?
  • Is the PR business biased against women?
  • Have you experienced discrimination?
  • Or is this lawsuit an anomaly, with freeloaders hoping for an easy settlement?

Send your stories to [email protected]

If you’re brave enough to tell your story on the record, that would be fantastic. If not, we’ll keep your identity confidential if we publish your story.

Alternatively, use the comments section below.


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