Does She…Or Doesn’t She?

Advertisers of hair colouring brands are wondering: Does she, or doesn’t she? Watch TV on a particular day of the week, that is. Media planning with age/gender demographics may be covering up those unwanted grays but also is dulling the natural beauty of knowing who is buying and what they are watching!

When comparing the day of the week viewing, TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® can help you find the best day of the week to reach those who are heavy Hair colour category buyers. According to Kantar Media Research, for the third quarter of 2010, hair colour advertisers are spending roughly the same percentage of their TV ad dollars equally across each day of the week. But Sunday is a day that has a particularly high concentration of these Hair colour purchasers. To reach this target, Garnier Nutrisse and Nice N Easy, should consider reallocating their TV spend to have more weight on Sundays.

TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® helps advertisers, agencies and media companies to plan, buy and place their advertising such that all parties maximise ROI. With that kind of “The Right Time” insights in your advertising media beautification kit, you’ll get a media buy so natural that only your hairdresser will know for sure.

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