Is Hilary Schneider Right For The Big Yahoo Job?


Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz plans to elevate ad boss Hilary Schneider to head of North American operations, the WSJ says. It’s a big promotion. Is Hilary the right exec for this job?

No, say several former Yahoo execs. These sources dismiss Hilary as a champion politician who got where she is today riding the coattails of her former roommate, the departed Yahoo president Sue Decker. One told us that running ad sales, Hilary hasn’t made her quarterly numbers yet.

Not exactly rave reviews. Keep in mind, though, that these ex-Yahoos are men who have complained to us about what they see as a reverse-sexism at Yahoo. One specifically complained that there’s a “Boys Club” at Yahoo (YHOO) and that it’s full of women. So you could argue there’s an element of gender warfare here.

Obviously Carol Bartz feels differently. In a recent company-wide memo, she wrote:

I know many of you in the company have absolutely no idea what happens in our regions or what salespeople do for a living (in fact, my past history has shown me that the way most engineers perceive salespeople is as lightweight, backslapping meeters and greeters). In fact, I’m delighted to report that Yahoo! has an A+ sales team.

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