A Complaint About A Brisbane Restaurant's Service Is Blowing Into A Bizarre Online War

Pic courtesy Facebook/Tanya Winning Gosley

It’s the social media restaurant stoush with the lot.

The battle lines have been drawn between a mother who took her 11-year-old son for a birthday meal at Italian restaurant Santo’s in Albany Creek, in Brisbane’s north, on Saturday and the restaurant owner, er, Santo.

The 64-year-old Santo is currently facing a torrent of Facebook abuse after images of his “macaroni cheese” went viral along with details of the “fight” that took place after the group returned to query the bill.

Here’s some of the finer details in the mother Tanya Gosling’s Facebook post:

“Charging the owner of Santos Pizzeria Albany Creek for assault. Disgraceful behaviour from a grown man when asked about an over charge on a bill. Mr Santos you should be ashamed of yourself pulling out a base ball bat to threaten customers in front of their children.”

You read that right – base ball bat.

Obviously, it was an emotional time for both parties, so we’d prefer to keep some professional distance until social media inevitably resolves this dispute amicably.

Here’s the key takeouts so you can decide for yourself.

Oh and here’s Ms Gosling’s and Santo’s respective Facebook pages so you can weigh in personally, even if like most of those weighing in personally, you have never met either nor dined there.

Pic courtesy Facebook/Tanya Winning Gosley
THEY SAY: He threatened them with a baseball bat.
HE SAYS: A chef may have come out with a rolling pin.

THEY SAY: “Can you do me a macaroni with cheese”.
HE SAYS: We don’t have it but we can make something similar.
(Actual Not Macaroni Cheese pictured above, which Ms Gosney said was “cold” and cost $25.)

THEY SAY: There were pips in the olives.
HE SAYS: Pips were left in for flavour.

THEY SAY: The plates were dirty.
HE SAYS: They ate everything and “cleaned the plates completely”.

THEY SAY: He charged for tap water.
HE SAYS: I charged $5 for a 700ml bottle.

THEY SAY: He charged for four bruschettas and we only had one.
HE SAYS: The mini pizza was free.
HE SAYS: We didn’t even charge for cakeage.

CAKEAGE: There is such a thing and he didn’t charge for it.

THEY SAY: We’re going to sue him for assault.
HE SAYS: I’m going to sue them for defamation.

You can also catch Santo’s side of the story at the Courier-Mail.

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