Reporter to Donald Trump: Do you cry?

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump knows people who cry. But he doesn’t cry much himself, he explained in an interview published Tuesday.

Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody put the question to Trump directly.

“I’m curious, have you cried before? Has that been something that you’ve done in your life?” Brody asked.

The Republican presidential front-runner suggested that crying too much would not fit with his get-things-done worldview.

“No, I’m not a big crier,” he told Brody. “I like to get things done. I’m not a big crier. And I’m not someone who goes around crying a lot. But I know people like that. I know plenty of people that cry. They’re very good people. But I have not been a big crier.”

Trump has mocked his critics for crying in public, however. Just last weekend, Trump blasted “dopey” radio host Glenn Beck while noting, “I’ve watched him cry on television all the time.” Last October, Trump tweeted that Beck “always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner).”

Watch Trump on CBN News/”The Brody File” below, via The Washington Post:

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