Don’t Blow Your Funds On Brand Name Batteries If You Don’t Have To


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Sometimes it seems consumers would be a whole lot better at the saving game if whoever wrote the rule book used plain English from time to time. For example, take this post by’s Rhett Allain

Allain conducted a pretty exhaustive study to help solve one of the age-old consumer debates.

Does it really matter if we buy brand-name or generic batteries? 

He started with a pair of  “blockbuster” brands – Duracell and Energizer – and pitted them against the off-brand Dollar General stock.

The result? 

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Good thing the man’s skilled in maths-to-human translation.

Allain’s results were a little bit waffle-y, but that’s because the answer really depends on what you’re looking to use the batteries for. When it comes to packing the most energy, brand names easily won out, but you’ll have pay more in the long run.

Based on prices listed on, Allain paid $0.64 and $0.68 for one Duracell and Energizer AA battery, respectively. In comparisson, a single AA from Dollar General cost only $0.20. 

When it comes to powering electronic devices like your Wii remote or iPod speakers, you’ll be better off paying more brand names, especially since they won’t function properly without the right amount of juice, Allain says.

But if you’re just looking for something to keep your kid’s new race car running or to refresh your flashlight’s battery life, you’ll save more by going off-brand. Those types of devices don’t require massive amounts of battery power to run properly.

Just be ready to refill them more frequently, as Allain found they have a fraction of the other brand’s heat.

In the end, here’s what he had to say: 

“Maybe this advice will work: if you have Amazon Prime, buy batteries from Amazon. If you wait until you need batteries right NOW (like I do) for your kids toys, just go to the Dollar Store.” 

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