Beyoncé may have a secret Snapchat

Just imagine Beyoncé on Snapchat.

What would her favourite filter be? Does she use the bee filter with a crown sticker? (She should.) 

It all seems impossible, but it actually might not be.

Tina Knowles Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother, might have let slip that Queen Bey is a fan of Snapchat.

Lawson shared a video on her Instagram that shows Bey faceswapping with her as she sings part of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash.

“My baby Beyonce sent me this,” she captioned the short video. “It’s really cool! I have to learn to do this, her face and my face together. Her voice coming out of my mouth. Or maybe it’s her mouth! Hell I don’t know.”

She added, “Really weird. No Snapchat!! Seriously!!”

As in, that’s a weird feature you have there, Snapchat? Probably, and that’s amazing.

Watch Bey’s faceswap below:

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