QUESTION: Does Anyone Use Foursquare Anymore?

chart of the day, foursquare users, march 2011

A few months ago, Foursquare was the hottest company on the planet. Now, barely anyone talks about it anymore.

A few months ago, our Twitter feed was jammed with people “checking in” at various places and becoming “mayor” of other places. Now, we can’t remember the last time we saw a tweet of someone checking in somewhere.

The chart of “Foursquare users” still looks great, of course (see upper right)–nearly 8 million users by early March. But we assume that that’s downloads, not actual users.

We’re one of those users/downloaders, by the way, but we haven’t used Foursquare for months. Why not? Because it was kind of a pain and anti-social to whip out the phone every time we got to some place and spend a minute or two telling everyone who wasn’t there that we were there while ignoring the folks who were there, in real life, right in front of us. And we never really figured out why we would really want to become mayor.

But we’re dinosaurs, and maybe the new kids on the block are still nuts about Foursquare.

So we figured we’d ask. (Especially because Foursquare may be raising another round of capital at a huge valuation and because it looks like Google may be about to buy Foursquare.)

Does anyone out there still use (actually use) Foursquare?

If so, do you use it more or less than you used to? And HOW and WHY do you use it? Do you want to become mayor? Do you want to let your friends know where you are so they’ll stop by and see you? Do you have nothing better to do?  If you DON’T use Foursquare, is there another location app you use instead? Please be as specific as you can.