A Massive Drop In Attendance Will Suck $27 Million Out Of The Dodgers This Year

dodger stadium

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A nearly 18% decline in attendance could lose the Los Angeles Dodgers $27 million in revenue this year.Attendance at Dodger Stadium is down an average a 7,902 fans a game so far this year, according to Jim Peltz of the Los Angeles Times.

That decline will lose the team an estimated $27 million (based on ticket, concession, and parking revenue), which would constitute 9.4% of the $286 million in total revenue that the team posted in 2009.

Disenchanted by the ownership limbo brought by the divorce and financial problems of Frank and Jamie McCourt, Dodgers fans have stayed away from their home park.

7,902 fans is the biggest per game drop in the majors. Seattle is second with a 4,213-fan per game dip.

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