Dodgers And Angels Have Added $1.4 Billion Worth Of Contracts Since End Of 2011 Season

Josh Hamilton, Zack Greinke

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After signing Josh Hamilton to a 5-year, $125 million contract, the L.A. Angels have added more than $550 million worth of contracts since the end of the 2011 season. But that still pales in comparison to what the Dodgers have done.In the last 13 months, the Dodgers have added more than $800 million worth of contracts through free agency, extensions, and trades. Their biggest deals include the 8-year, $160 million extension for Matt Kemp, the recent signing of Zack Greinke for $147 million over six years, and the trade for Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, both of whom are still owed over $100 million.

If we add up all the contracts worth at least $1.0 million that have been added by the two clubs, the total is 105 years worth of contracts worth $1.4 billion.

Here are the biggest of the contracts. These 13 contracts alone are worth over $1.2 billion…

Dodgers and Angels contracts

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