Dodgers fan twists the knife with billboard thanking the Red Sox for one of the best players in baseball

  • A Dodgers fan had a billboard put up near Fenway Park thanking the Red Sox for trading Mookie Betts.
  • The fan was the CEO of a site that organizes trips across the country to watch the Dodgers play.
  • Betts helped the Dodgers win the 2020 World Series after the Red Sox traded him last offseason.
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A billboard was put up outside Fenway Park thanking the Boston Red Sox for trading Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The billboard was put up by Alex Soto, the CEO of Pantone 294 in Los Angeles which is a site dedicated to organizing road trips for Dodgers fans to see the team play across the country.

-Pantone 294 (@Pantone294) March 22, 2021

“It’s all fun and games,” Soto told The Boston Globe. “We just wanted to say thank you. We know everyone here in Boston loves Mookie as well. So we just wanted to make sure that we have something in common. We all appreciate Mookie Betts.”

The Red Sox traded Betts to the Dodgers last February alongside starting pitcher David Price in a three-way trade with the Minnesota Twins. The Dodgers got Betts and Price in exchange for three minor league prospects.

Betts helped lead the Dodgers to the 2020 World Series title, the organization’s first since 1988. The All-Star outfielder hit a home run in a deciding Game 6, which put the Dodgers up 3-1 against the Tampa Bay Rays and helped clinch the World Series for Los Angeles.

Soto said that Betts’ home run was his favorite memory as a Dodgers fan in a Tweet revealing the billboard, which is placed right above Sal’s Pizza on Brookline Ave.

“I tried sending Red Sox management thank you email but it kept getting bounced back. I think I had the wrong emails, so figured a billboard outside the stadium would do the job.” Soto told “It did have to get approved by several people but never did it seem impossible,” Soto said. “It wasn’t overnight though. This took months of negotiating before getting the final approval by a specific person.”

Soto and other Dodgers fans will benefit from the trade for a while, after signing 12-year, $365 million extension with Los Angeles back in July.