Why the CEO of this $3 billion startup just dropped 35 pounds in 4 months

Docusign CEO Keith KrachBusiness InsiderDocusign CEO Keith Krach

At 6’2″ and 185 pounds, Keith Krach, the 59-year old CEO of Docusign, is in pretty good shape.

But if you’d seen him just four months ago, you probably wouldn’t be able to recognise him — Krach used to weigh 220 pounds and dropped 35 pounds in that short span.


Krach says there wasn’t any clear motivation aside from an open-ended commitment he’d made with his two sons that he’d get in his best physical shape since college before the age of 60.

But the weight loss has also ended up helping Krach run the company better, he says, and he recommends other Silicon Valley CEOs to get in good shape as well.

“Every US president for the last 30 years worked out every single morning, and it’s not by accident. If the President of the US can work out every morning, so can I. There’s just too many benefits to it,” Krach tells Business Insider.

Eat the right stuff and work out every day

Krach’s weight-loss regimen comprised of a strict low-carb/high-protein diet and a daily workout program that involved heavy lifting.

Based on advice from his personal doctor, Krach made sure to eat 3 meals a day while having a snack every two-and-a-half hours. Snacks would include a protein shake, a protein bar, oatmeal, or jello, as well as any type of rabbit food, like salad.

“If you’re hungry, you eat. You just have to eat the right stuff,” he says.

On top of the controlled diet, Krach says he’s got into a daily routine of sleeping 5 hours and waking up at 4AM every morning to work out.

Although Krach is 59 years old, he makes sure to lift every other day, as adding muscle mass helps increase your metabolism and burn more calories, he says.

On the days in between, he either runs or swims. He doesn’t have a personal trainer.

“Lifting gives the dual effect of adding muscle and burning fat,” he says.

Docusign, an electronic signature software maker, was last valued at $3 billion. But the company has faced unexpected changes recently that includes the sudden departure of four executives. Krach has also announced he’d be stepping down last year, although he’ll remain as chairman for another 3 years.

Krach declined to further discuss anything related to Docusign’s new CEO search, but he said losing weight has clearly helped him focus on his job better. He narrowed down the benefits to the following three reasons:

Higher energy level: Working out takes the stress levels down and the energy levels through the roof, Krach says. “You can almost slow stuff down. It actually makes you fearless,” he says.

Better sleep: The quality of your sleep improves, which means you need less time sleeping. That saves time, which is critical for any CEO. Krach says him spending 30 minutes on a sales lead has the same effect of a regular sales rep working months on it.

Clarity of thinking: Krach says working out is another form of meditation to him because it clears up his mind in a lot of ways. Writing becomes easier and he gets more creative, too. “It’s when I generate my best ideas,” he says.

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