Doctors Union Hopes To Kill Obama's Healthcare Plan

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The doctors union, also known as the AMA, says it will oppose Barack Obama’s plan to create a government sponsored, universal health insurance program, putting it in line with insurance companies that have taken the same task.

This can hardly be a surprise, as the private system of incredibly high prices, limited competition and strong year-over-year inflation suits them extremely well.

NYT: While committed to the goal of affordable health insurance for all, the association had said in a general statement of principles that health services should be “provided through private markets, as they are currently.” It is now reacting, for the first time, to specific legislative proposals being drafted by Congress.

Of course, that’s blatant nonsense, claiming to be infavor of affordable health insurance for all and providing health insurance as it is currently. Granted, Obama’s scheme may not bring down costs, but the key for the AMA is preservation of the status quo.

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