Doctors: This Is How To Avoid A New Year's Hangover Without Giving Up Drinking

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Don’t mix alcohol with highly caffeinated drinks.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says it can lead people to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and excessive amounts of caffeine.

Both can be harmful on their own but potentially lethal when consumed together.

“A stimulant and a depressant don’t mix,” says Dr Steve Hambleton, the AMA’s president

“Doctors see the consequences of alcohol-related violence and harm every day, particularly among young people, who are more likely to exercise poor judgement and make bad decisions when drinking.”

Car accidents, assaults, unsafe sex and alcohol poisoning are just some of the consequences of going too far when celebrating.

An Australasian College of Emergency Medicine survey conducted earlier this month found that on weekends, up to a third of all emergency department patients were there because of alcohol-related harms.

“People can enjoy a social drink, by following just a few simple tips they can avoid putting themselves, their friends, their loved ones, and others at risk,” he said.

Here’s the New Year’s Eve party tips from the AMA:

  • set limits for yourself and stick to them
  • start with non-alcoholic drinks and alternate with alcoholic drinks
  • drink slowly
  • choose drinks with a lower alcohol content
  • never let your mates down, always make sure they get home safely
  • eating will slow down alcohol absorption, but not the overall level of harm
  • if you participate in rounds of drinks, try to include some non-alcoholic drinks

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