'SNL Korea' has been making hilarious parodies of 'Doctor Strange'

Doctor Strange SNL KoreaTvN/YouTubeDoctor Stephen Strange, street magician.

The INSIDER Summary:

• There’s a hilarious “Doctor Strange” parody on “Saturday Night Live Korea.”

• It features Strange as a street magician, performing tricks that blow everyone’s minds.

There was a lot to love and a lot to be frustrated with in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” movie.

And of all the superhero parodies, the best one comes from “Saturday Night Live Korea.”

The show has a running series of sketches where Dr. Stephen Strange is basically a version of David Blaine in “David Blaine: Street Magic.” He walks around and blows people’s minds: He does perfect water bottle flips, knows the phone number of a random girl on the street, and splits an ice popsicle perfectly in half. After each trick, he gives a knowing look to the camera while his posse fawns over him.

Watch the best sketch here, with English subtitles:

“Doctor Strange” is one of the most popular movies of the year in South Korea, grossing $39 million, so it’s no surprise that “SNL Korea” turned it into a recurring bit.

An earlier video features an extended bit where the Strange character parodies a card trick from the David Blaine show.

There are also a few other videos of the sketch that don’t have English subtitles yet, but they’re still really funny. Check them out.

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