An Unemployed New Jersey Doctor Was Charged With Hoarding A Bomb-Making Chemical

occupy wall street arrest in progressOccupy Wall Street Protests

Photo: CNBC’s John Carney, Instagram

A 60-year-old doctor was arrested for allegedly having large amounts of a chemical commonly used for bombs, ABC News reported Saturday.Ridgewood, N.J. resident Roberto Rivera was involved with the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zucotti Park and is licensed to practice medicine in New York, according to the AP.

Prosecutors say he also had a stun gun and assault rifles.

Reports of Rivera’s involvement with Occupy Wall Street are vague, and it’s unclear whether he was just a onetime protester.

An Occupy Wall Street spokesman told ABC he had no knowledge that Rivera was involved with the protests.

Occupy Wall Street is committed to non-violence, the spokesman told ABC.

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